Crafting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Experience the agile approach to software development in practice. During this workshop, you’ll get a chance to go over the initial phases of a project including a Design Sprint and two Development sprints.

Course material and one social event included

Managers, technical officers and product developers within software who want to understand how to develop and prepare a software product for commercialization, whether it’s an app, web solution or other product.

14 dagar
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No prerequisites in programming required. Familiarity with and interest in computer desirable. For active participation bring your own oSX computer.  


Per Zaring

Per Zaring

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You’ll be playing a role of a product owner and work closely with experienced developers as they take an idea through the necessary steps needed to deploy an MVP. Theory and practise, following Scrum methodolgy, alternate throughout the course.

Observing the process is one thing - taking part in it is another and key to really understanding the development process. During the implementation process you’ll get plenty of opportunities to start writing code and see your product come alive. On a desktop as well as on mobile devices.

What you wIll learn

  • Core principles of Agile software development
  • Agile planning - Exploration, release planning, iteration planning, daily planning.
  • Capturing requirements using user stories - focus on the essence of the business value
  • Negotiating scope - prioritize the most valuable requirements first.


  • Simple design. Right after you design something, ask yourself: "Is there a simpler way?"
  • Evolutionary architecture - Code no more than needed. Implement features based on your requirements, not on "what-ifs".
  • Spikes. If you’re not sure how to proceed, experiment with features and see.


  • Automated acceptance tests - make sure you know what to expect. Write tests that everybody can understand
  • Code in pairs - Integrate continuously
  • Collaboration - Collective code ownership involving all stakeholders
  • Refactoring - Allow for sustainable growth of your codebase.


  • Infrastructure - How to set up the needed infrastructure to host a software as a service application

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