Our courses provide knowledge and develop skills that can contribute to our customers' ability to pursue economically, socially and ecologically sustainable business. The sustainability perspective is included in content and implementation of our programs. Chalmers Professional is certified according to ISO 14001. This means that we work systematically to ensure that educational content, arrangements and procurement strive to contribute to the global goals (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs). 

Our starting point is always our customers' development needs and we are not limited to the subject matter expertise available at Chalmers. We have a global network of subject experts, from both academia and business. Each situation determines who is the right expert for each occasion.

Sustainable development is an integral part in many of our education programs.

Examples of sustainability elements in our courses:

  • Energy efficiency and energy management systems
  • Eco Design
  • Sustainable product development
  • Circular economy
  • Transport and logistics flows
  • Lean and resource management

How does the sustainability perspective affect our business?

  • We choose climate-certified conference facilities when possible.
  • Most of our course material is digital, accessible through web interface. Thus, we reduce our environmental impact as we print less.
  • We choose train transportation as much as possible instead of flights.
  • We make purchases taking into account sustainability aspects.