Chalmers helped BIM further in the product development

The company BIM had a product that they knew worked. They just didn't know how. Itai Panas, professor in theoretical chemistry at Chalmers, gave them the answer.


BIM is specialized in chemically based products for the pulp and paper industry. Bleaching is an important part of their business. The composition of the wood that comes into the large pulp and paper companies’ factories vary so much that the bleaching process must be adjusted to gain best result. That’s when BIM, experts in special chemistry in pulp processes, are contacted.​

When BIM developed the product MSH (magnesium silicate hydrate) it proved to have unique process characteristics. MSH is gentler for the sewage system in the factory and when traditional bleaching impairs the paper, MSH is gentler and impairs much less of the fibers in the paper which gives it better durability, the environmental impact decreases and the energy consumption is reduced. 


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Photo: Mats Tiborn