Hello there…

...Ulrika Hynell, Chalmers Professional Education. You have been granted funds by SIDA for a project for communication activities and skills development needs linked to the UN's 17 global goals for sustainable development.

- I am very happy and proud of course! SIDA understand what we want to do. Now we can focus even more on the issue of skills development needs in business linked to the global goals.

What have you applied funding for?
- For activities such as public seminars in connection with the Gothenburg Sustainability Award and seminars that relate to industrial symbiosis. We will also conduct in-house activities with some of our partners and work to make the connection between our courses and the global objectives visible.

How did you get the idea?
- I got the idea from Emma Dalväg, sustainability consultant at Hifab. My immediate reaction was that we really have to do this! As a business manager, I must be aware of challenges in our society and what goes on within research to be able to make suggestions to our customers. 

This sounds exciting! Who is invited to the seminar?
- Spontaneously, I would say everyone who is interested in the future of energy and the transition to a sustainable industry, sustainable business models and a circular economy. We hope for exciting workshops that open up for conversation and highlights areas where there are special needs and opportunities. But first I'll discuss the format with the researchers at the Department of Energy and Environment here at Chalmers.

Text: Ann-Christine Nordin