Managing Industrial Operations (IMOP)

Managing Industrial Operations is a new upgraded program based on the successful predecessor International Management of Production, the IMOP program.The new name of the program reflects that the program is wider in scope than what happens on the factory floor.

Managing Industrial Operations has been developed in cooperation with industry leaders and researchers to reflect the challenges leaders in production, quality, supply chain and purchasing are facing. The contents of the program have been upgraded with; 

Production and its cooperation with other functions in the company (product, quality, purchasing, logistics, marketing). Lean management and cost efficiency

Introduction of new products into production

Digititalization, e.g. Industrie 4.0

News in production, such as 3D printing

Managing Industrial Operations consists of three modules during 13 days in Europe and Asia. In Gothenburg, we focus on strategic leadership within Operations. in Munich is a new location of the second program module. Here we focus the interfaces within Operations. We complete the program in Japan and China where concentrate on cost efficiency and flexibility.

We blend lectures, workshops, action learning, field trips and reflection.The contents of the program are anchored in research Yet, the program practically oriented so participants rapidly can create results in their organizations.

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More information about the program, please contact:

Anna Sjöblom.

Phone: +46 (0)31 772 42 09
Cell: +46 70 521 66 60