Automotive Engineering and Transport

An organization's ability to maintain and develop their competitiveness depends on how well the organization adapts and develops its business and its products and production processes in a changing world. Roads to success is increased efficiency and innovation in design, product development and production, enabling greater customer satisfaction and thereby increased market share.

Within the business area of ​​automotive engineering and transport offers Chalmers Professional Education courses with a focus on technology and methodology for design, product and production, with an emphasis on automotive, security and transport .. Chalmers' ambition is to contribute to sustainable development, which means that sustainability is built into all our programs. Course content is aimed in large part to shorten the time from customer needs to the finished product and to simultaneously create value for the customer.

Training in the focus vehicle technologies and transport is based in the areas of design, product development and engineering as well as in the interactions between them and other disciplines. The training provides a theoretical overview of modern and effective approaches and methods as well as practical application of their own problems.

The courses that we offer, based among other things on Chalmers' vision to become one of the leading universities in research and training for green, safe and efficient transport. We will achieve this by creating cooperation between several transportation-related disciplines, strengthen the links between research and training and increased collaboration with key players in the