Built Environment

In the construction sector, we see that there is more and more demanding increasing complexity throughout the construction and management process. At the same time, we will implement a generational change without loosing knowledge and development stops.

Within building environment, we work with everything from how we plan how our cities will look like, what features should be where, to how we currently manage our existing buildings to achieve as good an environment as possible for the building's users. To develop a society is to both take care of the existing and to provide the right conditions for the new. Within the Chalmers area of ​​Civil conducts research in specific areas and interdisciplinary, which gives us great opportunities to develop training programs in Civil suits your need for new knowledge.

We have a variety of programs of between two and seventeen days. Here you will meet teachers from Chalmers and other universities. We emphasize that the programs are practically oriented so that you can turn knowledge in your own organization. You also build a professional network of qualified participants from other companies.