Digitalization and ICT

 Today's organizations, regardless of domicile within the private or public sector, report a growing need to manage complexity as a result of new skills, roles and systems relatively mundane business / business decision today involves. Most organizations invest in ICT (information and communication technology) is increasing rapidly and ICT presented as the key enabler to new activities and increased efficiency.

Digitisation brings both challenges and opportunities. Previously established orders overturned. A digitization leadership requires that emphasizes innovation, desire, proactivity, dynamism and vision with the help of the new technology. Traditional roles in business building, management and control have new meanings.

If you stand up to the chin with projects in your organization? Dreaming of an Agile transformation for you and your employees? What is digitizing the phenomenon of current business strategy? We offer both open and in-house courses, among others in these subjects. See below! If your company has a skills needed for several employees and / or in a subject area that is not covered by our current open courses, please contact us for a discussion!