Dynamic Positioning Induction/Basic


The DP induction course is the first step in the ladder to gain a DP certificate. In the course the participant is introduced to Dynamic Positioning both practically and theoretically and the course content includes further information about the DP system and its different contents, reference system, DP modes and operations.

Course dates 
Target group 

Nautical Officers and students studying to become Nautical officer (officer trainees) who wish to serve on a vessel or platform equipped with a DP System.

Total scope 
5 days
No. of seats 
Course language 
Course brochure 
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Entry requirements 

Lowest certificate of competence is Swedish class VII and Note* only Students on their third year could attend this course, a valid study certificate should be sent in advance for verification. 

Course certification 
On completion and passing of the course prticipants will receive a course certificate and issue of a Nautical Institute DP logbook.

At the end of the course you will take an online test as a final examination according to requirements from the Nautical Institute. This test needs to be approved before we can issue a course certificate and DP logbook to you and will be conducted during the final day of the course, the test is between you and Nautical Institute and it’s automatically corrected.  

If the course participant is not approved on the first attempt of the online test a second attempt will be conducted afterwards within 24 hours. If a third attempt is required this will be conducted within 6 months on Nautical Institute accredited DP training center.

We are aware that you as a DP trainee can fail the course due to these rules. We don’t own the examination part and cannot affect the questions that you will met, however we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and background to be ready for the test. You will be fully charged of the course fee even if you are not approved.

To do before the course start:

At least 2 weeks in advance send a copy of your certificate of competence or study certificate to Chalmers Professional for verification.

Go to Nautical Institute webpage and create an account through DP online application through the Alexis platform: http://www.nautinst.org/en/dynamic-positioning/index.cfm 

When this is completed login credentials will be sent to you, take these with you

Bring passport and a passport photo with you to the course

A Strong recommendation before the course start is to read about DP and information regarding DP training on the webpage from Nautical Institute. 

Important information about the new Standard
A new standard entered into force 1st of January 2015, the main difference compared to the last one is that it requires only 120 days to complete the training for the DP certificate, 60 days familiarization plus 60 DP days with a Simulator course in between (the old version 30 days familiarization and 180 DP days). There are only small differences in the contents of different courses and they will still be 5 days each, however you only have 4 years to complete the DP training from the day of the Induction course.

For further information about the new standard contact DP training Manager: christopher.anderberg@chalmers.se.

Cancellation policy: 

Full refund of educational program/course fees will be made for reservations cancelled no later than eight weeks prior to the start of the program/course. Later cancellations incur a cancellation fee as follows:

  • 2 weeks or less prior to program start 100% of the educational program/course fee
  • 2-4 weeks prior to program start 50% of the educational program/course fee
  • 4-8 weeks prior to program start 25% of the educational program/course fee, for educations in the Shipping area: 0% of the educational program/course fee

We are always willing to consider a colleague as a substitute for the original applicant. Cancellation and postponement must be made in writing. Cancellation of accommodation is subject to the cancellation policies of the hotels.