Energy, environment and sustainability

Renewable energy sources, technological development and innovation makes it possible to create a modern sustainable resource use, not least through recycling and increased use of secondary raw materials. Climate change, a growing global population, developing countries and newer industrial nations are expected to go ever faster towards generally increased resources and use of energy, constitute a gigantic and substantial need for sustainable resource use and allocation over land borders of the renewable resources we have. For many organizations, this also mean a need for skills development.

Among our customers are energy-intensive basic industries. Here are energy producers and other organizations in need of a transition to a more circular economy. Existing business models and offerings need to be replaced by new, resource-efficient models. We offer training support along the entire value chain. From raw material extraction and energy production to distribution, use and disposal / recycling industry, we offer a varied selection. See below!

If your company has training needs for several employees and/or in a subject area that is not covered by our current open courses, please contact us for a further discussion!