Ethical Considerations in AI


Our society changes rapidly when digitalization and AI transform the services we use, the products we develop and the way we work. Digitalization and AI can be used for many good purposes, but broader societal issues including concerns about military applications, the effects of automation on the la­bour market, social manipulation via Internet platforms and long-term consequences of the development of artificial general intelligence must be considered when we move into the future.

The course consists of on-line lectures and two online, halfday, workshops. In preperation for the workshops, you hand in assignments to be used as basis for group discussions.  The lecturer will guide you through how to develop ethical policies for AI. By the end of the course you will have developed a first draft of an ethical policy in connection to your work.

The course is online-based and the number of seats is limited to 40.

Target group 

This course is open to employees in both public and private sector organizations. The course will be taught in English, but on-line material will have Swedish subtitles and Q&A will be handled in both languages.

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2 days
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No prerequisites are needed. 


In this course you will learn how to think systematically about the eth­ics of new technologies, including the identification of stakeholders and balancing risks vs. benefits. The focus will be on ethical aspects in the design, dis­semination and application of digital and artificial intelligence technologies, including, but not limit­ed to fairness vs. bias, transparency vs. opacity, accountability, human autonomy, privacy and integrity.

By looking closer into different cases where algorithms have caused dilemmas, and reason on how these situations could have been prevented by ethical guidelines and policies, you will be able to make ethical considerations in you daily work. Through exercises, you will strengthen your understanding of how to apply ethical considerations in your daily work.

After the course, you will have a basic understanding of ethical considerations in connection to digitalization and AI. You will be able to make basic ethical considerations in use of AI in your daily work.


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