Introduction to Machine Learning


Machine learning (ML) plays an important role in problem solving. ML
models are used in many application scenarios such as prediction,
image and speech recognition and medical diagnoses. Since every
problem is unique, there is not one model/solution that fits all. It is up
to the user to balance trade-offs and to identify the models that suit the
problem at hand.

This course is open to employees in both public and private sector organizations.

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At this occasion, Vinnova is absorbing the course fee of 10.500 SEK (excl. tax). Please note that the course has a limited number of seats. If you are unable to attend, we kindly ask you to give notice so that we can give your seat to another participant.
Target group 

This course is open to employees in both public and private sector organizations.

Total scope 
3 days
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Entry requirements 

The course assumes that you have basic knowledge in Data Science and AI.


In this course you will be taught the basics of machine learning, its main approaches and usable algorithms. The course will provide examples of basic applied ML problems and how they can be solved with related models. We will help you start thinking about how machine learning can
solve different problems.

The course will consist of 8 online lectures and 3 schedualed online sessions for group discussions and Q&A. There will also be weekly exercises to help test your knowledge progression. The lectures, exercises and sessions for discussions will together address and mediate knowledge in the following areas:

• Introduction to ML
• Data preparation and feature engineering
• Supervised learning
• Unsupervised learning
• Reinforcement learning
• Neural networks

After the course you will be able to describe basic concepts and methods in connection to the topic areas and how they have developed. You will also, in a general way, be able to evaluate which approaches to problem solving are suitable in different situations.

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