Material Technology

For small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing sector to compete for the opportunity to become suppliers to international producers so it is necessary to have good knowledge in materials science, which is a prerequisite for technical development. Increasing demands for environmental compatibility, weight reduction, strength and processing ability means that companies must know the relationships between properties and microstructure of materials through continuous acquisition of knowledge in the field.

Materials Engineering at Chalmers has a broad research that spans several areas, and assuming the global challenges of health, energy and sustainability from a materials perspective. The courses we offer includes all key elements of advanced materials research: theory and modeling, synthesis, characterization and evaluation. Through our open courses are offered to participants the opportunity to learn through a network of participants from various companies seeking in-depth knowledge in the field of knowledge.

Chalmers Professional Education also tailor courses on behalf of our clients. If your company has a skills needed for several employees and / or in a subject area that is not covered by our current open courses, then contact us for a discussion. Our flexible custom courses over the years has carried out on behalf of a number of industrial enterprises and small and medium-sized companies both nationally and internationally.