Medical care 3-days course + hospital practice


This course is intended to provide basic knowledge for giving first aid while awaiting an ambulance in the event of acute illness or accident. Many public places now often have automatic defibrillators, which are largely self-instructing but still need some short training to be used correctly.

The course is divided into three different orientations:

•HLR-course: Traditional heart-lung rescue.

•D-HLR: Using an automatic defibrillator.

•IVPA: Measures while awaiting an ambulance. It also deals with acute care of burn, chemical and lye/acid injuries, allergy shock, wounds, skeletal injuries, and transport of the injured person. The course is largely the same as that for police and part-time firemen to stabilize patients.

The course consists to a great extent of practical exercises, and can be located at your premises in order to minimize travel and time spent.


Total scope 
5 days
No. of seats 
STCW code 
STCW A-VI/4-1, 4-2
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Course certification 
Approved participants are registered to the Seamans Register at "Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency). The participant has to contact "Transportstyrelsen" in order to get the certificate. For this, "Transportstyrelsen" charges a fee.



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