Operations and Lean

Companies are increasingly exposed to competition creating a pressure to lower costs., At the same time, there is a significant productivity potential in most companies. Companies need to develop their skills  to optimize their production processes to world-class level. In the global flow of goods, companies face challenges related to supply chain design and management.

With it origin in Japan, Lean management has become a successful way to improve operations of companies across the globe. Lean aims at streamlining operations of an organization with a reduced lead time as a goal. Lean has its main virtue in that it takes a holistic approach to how the wholw organization can develop, from the top level into the smallest detail. The main principle of Lean is to eliminate waste. All activities carried out in a business are categorized based on whether they add value or not.

Regardless if you are working with production, operations or logistics, Chalmers Professional Education offers a Lean training for you. Our courses are tailored to various functional roles and different industries. We also have a management development program for leaders to help them understand and lead lean implementation.

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