R&D and Innovation

One way for companies to maintain and achieve competitive advantage is to constantly create new products. How successful the company is depends on how well it translates ideas into new products. By using modern methods of innovation and product development, the company can increase its performance.

The cost of product development in industrial enterprises between 2 and 15% of its total costs. The advantage is great if the company manages to produce good products, giving impact in the form of higher revenues and profitability. It is a good investment to have a good product development organization with engineers and managers with the latest knowledge. Chalmers conducts research on product development and innovation. The research is about how the development team can turn ideas into finished products. It is about understanding the market, selecting the right ideas and implement an effective product using the latest methods.

We have a variety of programs of between two and seventeen days. Here you will meet teachers from Chalmers and other universities. We emphasize that the programs are practically oriented so that you can turn knowledge in your own organization. You also build a professional network of qualified participants from other companies