SweHS Practical Hydrography


Sweden now has an IHO/FIG certified S-5B hydrography program, a 20-week course in practical hydrography! 

This course provides students with a skillset that is highly coveted in the ocean mapping research and commercial offshore industry, which can lead to a challenging and rewarding career in mapping of the world’s rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.


  • develop all of the skills necessary for collecting and processing seabed and water column information for high-resolution bathymetric mapping.
  • are exposed to industry leading data collection and processing software and procedures. 
Target group 

Industry participants with the appropriate background are exempt from the introduction and nautical science modules.  They are also given the option of taking the computation tools module remotely.  These participants are not required to be on-site until the beginning of week four.  Industry participants are given the option of completing the CFFP with their organization.  Those taking advantage of these options are on-site for 13 weeks.

Total scope 
100 days
No. of seats 
Course language 
Course certification 
Upon completion, participants are awarded a certificate indicating that they have completed an IHO/FIG S-5B certified program.

Course design
The program takes place over 20 weeks, divided into four 5-week sections. 

Section 1 includes:

  • A short introduction to hydrography module
  • A computation tools module that introduces the participants to programming in Python and provides a review of some math and physics concepts
  • A nautical science and meteorology module comes next followed by remote sensing and water levels

Section 2 and 3 are comprised of: 

  • A combination of theory and practical application 

  • Participants have the opportunity to collect, process, and analyse hydrographic information using vessels, equipment, and software from GU, SU, MMT and/or SMA

Section 4

  • Is dedicated to hydrographic project management and the Comprehensive Final Field Project (CFFP), which takes place during the last 4 weeks of the program.
  • Participants plan and execute a hydrographic survey as per specifications provided by the Swedish Maritime Administration.
  • Senior surveyors from the SMA and MMT supervise the CFFP, under GU oversite.
Cancellation policy: 

Full refund of educational program/course fees will be made for reservations cancelled no later than eight weeks prior to the start of the program/course. Later cancellations incur a cancellation fee as follows:

  • 2 weeks or less prior to program start 100% of the educational program/course fee
  • 2-4 weeks prior to program start 50% of the educational program/course fee
  • 4-8 weeks prior to program start 25% of the educational program/course fee, for educations in the Shipping area: 0% of the educational program/course fee

We are always willing to consider a colleague as a substitute for the original applicant. Cancellation and postponement must be made in writing. Cancellation of accommodation is subject to the cancellation policies of the hotels.