Finsihing line for the 2019 years course on Electric drives

Today we are finishing this years webbased credit course on Electric drives by a final exam made online.
The course has since the start in 2011 yearly attracted participating professionals from the automotive industry in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, India, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden and USA. The course was originally tailored for GM but later made accessible for a broader audience. 
A broad target group has been provided an understanding of the design, modelling and assessment of electric drive systems, primarily for hybrid or electric vehicle application.

- Sonja Lundmark, the course examiner and Associate Professor at the department of Electrical engineering at Chalmers, thinks that it has been an honor to have been trusted by GM to deliver the course during these years, appreciating the great support from Chalmers Professional Education. The course has given some special challenges, with for instance on-line labs where the participants control the lab motors on distance, with excellent and calm lab supervisors on site. The course participants have been very motivated, perhaps even more than Chalmers students, since they usually already work within the area of electric vehicles but have different backgrounds and specializations, yielding very interesting discussions on the course discussion forum.