Introduction to Data Science and AI


Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become hot topics in today’s society and they are increasingly becoming a common aspect of our business and everyday life. In short, Data science is a highly cross-disciplinary field concerned with how to extract useful knowledge from data, where as AI build intelligent systems based on this data. Expectations are high on what these fast changing technologies can be used for. Many ask "How can I apply AI in daily routines, organizational work and business development"?

This course you will give you an introduction to Data Science and AI. You will, on a basic level, get an understanding of the opportunities and limitations of these technologies. You will also learn about fundamental concepts and methods and we will help you start thinking about how Data Science and AI can be used in your own organization to solve business problems.

The course is online-based and the number of seats is limited to 40. 


This course is open to employees in both public and private sector organizations. The course will be taught in English, but Q&A will be handled in both Swedish and English.

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The course has been carefully designed to allow participants with different backgrounds. No special knowledge prerequisites are needed. 

The course will consist of two half-day workshops together with on-line lectures and exercises between the workshops. Additionally, you will be asked to reflect upon a couple of questions before the first workshop to maximize the benefit of the course in your own line of work. The workshops will mix lectures and group exercises to stimulate discussions on how these technologies can be used to solve business problems. Specific attention will here be paid to how different organizations have use data science and AI in different applications and settings.

The lectures and exercises will together address and mediate knowledge in the following areas:

  • History and development of AI
  •  Modelling and data science
  •  Algorithms, optimization and classical rule-based AI
  •  Machine learning based AI
  •  How to use data science and AI in different applications and settings
  •  Societal and ethical questions and other considerations

After the course you will be able to describe basic concepts and methods in connection to the topic areas and how they have developed. You will also, in a general way, be able to discuss which approaches to problem solving are suitable in different situations.


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