ISM and the Designated Person Ashore


This two-day course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to fulfill your role as Designated Person Ashore (DPA) in accordance with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) guidance and recommendations.


Who will benefit

This course is suitable for anyone serving as a DPA or assistant DPA; it’s also highly recommended if you’re looking to become a DPA, and your duties involve safety and pollution prevention. Your company will benefit from having a team member able to take on this vital role in achieving compliance with the ISM Code.
2 dagar
Antal platser 

 Prerequisites for delegates:
Knowledge of the ISM Code, management systems auditing training and experience preferable i.e. completion of the Lloyd’s Register’s ISM Internal Auditor training course.

Delegates will receive a certificateupon successful completion of the course.

The ISM Code provides an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships,and for pollution prevention. Under the Code, shipowners and charterers are required to establish and implement a safety management policy, supported by ‘a person or persons ashore having direct access to the highest level of management’.

Through interactive presentations, group discussions, case studies and individual and syndicate exercises, you’ll cover a wide range of relevant topics:

• Roles and responsibilities of DPAand legal implications

• Problems facing DPAs and ISM today

• Effective communication with internal and external parties

• Mandatory rules, regulations and other applicable industry guidance

• ISM code amendments and risk assessment techniques

• Continual improvement process, effectiveness of internal audits, root cause analysis and measuring the system’s performance.

• Port State Control and PR17 issues

• Effective training and drills

• Safety culture and human element issues.


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