Managing Global R&D and Innovation (IMOT)


A 17-day program for senior R&D and Innovation Managers. Managing Global R&D and Innovation is an open-enrollment program with senior participants from many companies allowing networking and informal "benchmarking".


Senior managers responsible for key issues relating to how your company manages technology.

17 dagar
Göteborg, Shanghai/Bangalore, Boston
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This program is designed to equip the company’s most senior technology managers with research-based concepts and practical tools to manage global R&D and Innovation. The participation from the company will ensure access to the latest thinking of how to manage global R&D operations.

The program consists of three intensive modules that ensure a steep learning curve and a limited time away from desk. After each module, the participant will already implement some of the learning points. After completion of the program, the participant will be well equipped to guide the company’s global R&D and Innovation.

For delivering this program, Chalmers University of Technology uses its international network of experts in Europe, India, China and the United States.

This is the 28th edition of the program. Many global companies have chosen to work with us to develop their senior R&D managers by nominating them to this program. Nominating an employee is a good way to show trust and build loyalty and prepare him/her for his/her future career in your company.

Program agenda

The program is based on a combination of research results and industry best-practice. The contents and learning processes have been designed to create a natural progression. The program director will integrate the sessions into a complete experience. The program will help you master global R&D and innovation in your company.

Learning build-up

Before each module you will get readings and a pre-assignment to allow you to prepare yourself before the classroom sessions.

A multitude of ways to learn

You will be exposed to a variety of lectures, exercises, case studies and field trips. The variety will offer multiple perspectives of technology management, thus helping you to construct a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Reflection and Action

The format of the program will allow you to get ample time to reflect and plan how the learning can be put into practice into your own company.

Networking and learning from fellow participants

Each class consists of experienced participants from a variety of companies. A collegial atmosphere is created and you will learn from your fellow participants. The diversity of participants will maximize the opportunities of learning through networking.

Locations to support the global context

The locations of the program modules will help you understand technology management from four geographical contexts and you will meet world-leading experts from prestigious universities, such as Babson College, Chalmers, École Centrale de Paris, Northeastern University, IMD, University of Oklahoma, Tongji University, Toulouse Business School, Zhejiang University, MIT and Harvard.

Welcome to join the IMOT Program of 2020!



Avbokning kan göras kostnadsfritt fram till åtta veckor innan starten för programmet/kursen. Om avbokning sker senare utgår avgifter för beställaren enligt följande:

  • 0-2 veckor innan starten för programmet/kursen: 100% av program-/kursavgiften
  • 2-4 veckor innan starten för programmet/kursen: 50% av program-/kursavgiften
  • 4-8 veckor innan starten för programmet/kursen: 25% av program-/kursavgiften. För kurser inom Sjöfart: 0% av program-/kursavgiften

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